New Business Development (NBD), a division of Pilot Pen Corporation of America located in Jacksonville, FL, markets proprietary technologies, products and components to U.S. companies through licensing or other business arrangements.

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Click the link below to download our product disclosure and release form.

Pilot Product Disclosure and Release Form

While R&D is primarily focused on writing instruments, our research has led to the development of a diverse range of products and technologies including custom styluses for pen based computers and signature capture units, OEM marker components, jewelry, and precision ceramic components.

The fact that our products can be found worldwide is a testimonial to our commitment to excellence. Our modern facilities in the U.S., Japan, Europe and South America build quality into every step of the manufacturing process to assure every product meets our customers’ highest expectations.

Our experienced staff coordinates with the appropriate Pilot division or facility, and monitors the exchange of technical data, product specifications and scheduling. NBD works with customers across the U.S. and Mexico to transform their ideas into marketable products.

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